Unique Ways to celebrate this Friendship Day in Lucknow

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The best part about Friendship Day is that it falls on Sunday. Letting us celebrate the entire day with our gang. I am sure you & your besties are busy hunting for the places where you can hit on Friendship Day. So, why not checkout the list of things you can do in Lucknow on Friendships Day to make it memorable. Trust me the list is amazing.

Here we go,

1. Paintball Battle

Paint Wars in Lucknow? Well, Yes! Situated in Gomti Nagar Paint Wars has brought the paintball game to Lucknow for the very first time. Go, team up with your friends and drop down here to get into a messy yet colourful celebration. The best part is you will get 20% Bonus Paintballs if you visit on Friendship Day. 

To book tickets click here.

Location: 5/136 Vipul Khand, Gomti Nagar 

2. Open Mic

Grab the Open Mic and express your feelings for your BFF at Café Frangipani this Friendship Day. Express & Impress your friends by pouring your heart out you’re your poetry, storytelling, standup comedy or simply a lovable note. This surely will last as a memorable Friendship Day celebration.

To Registration click here

Location: Café Frangipani 3/61, Vastu Khand, Gomti Nagar

3. Heritage Walk

If you have a friend who is new to Lucknow, why not become their guide for a day. Take your friend on a Heritage Walk in the city which is renowned for its architectural splendor and rich cultural heritage. From Akbari Gate to Bada Imambara, Rumi Darwaza to Bhul Bhullaiya and what not. It is also a chance to click some awesome pictures.

4. Jail Café

We Lucknowites have been hopping around cafés a lot but have you yet visited Jail café. This new café in the town is based on Jail Theme and offers some good food. From Hand Cuffs, Lock Up Cells to Faansi Ka Fanda, the cage has interesting props. If you haven’t hot the place yet what better occasion that Friendship Day.

Location: A-3/172, Patrakarpuram Crossing, Gomti Nagar

5. Taste the Traditional

If you are done with cafés & restaurant we have a great idea for you. If it has been a while that you visited Chowk and Aminabad then hitting it on Friendships Day can be a great idea. From Tundey Kebab to Raheem Ki Nihari, Shree Ki Lassi to Prakash Ki Kulfi, delve into traditional Lucknowi Food and mark a delicious Friendship Day.

6. Friendship Day Bash

If your way of partying is to hit a club, groove on upbeat music by best DJs in town & rock the dance floor with your swag. Clubs like Ramala & Zero Degree have organized awesome parties. If you are interest click here.

7. Hathkargha: Saavan Flea Market

If you and your friend or even your mom and her friends are passionate about choicest handicraft goods there is a great way to spend Friendship day. Hathkargha: Saavan Flea Market has brought for you an array of handcrafted products in the exhibition.

Time: 11:30am to 7:00pm.

Location: Cappuccino Blast

8. If you didn’t like any of the above

If you are not up for any of the above ideas let’s tell you a few more things to do.

* Go to Marine Drive. Yes, we know you always do, but on Friendship’s Day you are going to love the Crowd.

* Eat & Slurps the tasty bites from the stalls at 1090.

* Go to Janeshwar Mishra Park & enjoy boating. You can also go for River Bus ride at Gomti River Front.

* Last but not the least. Bun Makkhan & Sharma ki Chai with your Yaars will be an ultimate celebration.

So, what’s your plan for Friendship Day. Let us know in the comments below.

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