Lucknow’s techie Qaiser Malik is a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan. Here’s the proof

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Lucknow’s Qaiser Malik got instant fame when he acquired PMO’s Twitter handle @pmoindia for half an hour in the 2014. He later came into limelight for developing a social networking website at the age of 17. He was also made the brand ambassador of Lenovo India startup campaign for Uttar Pradesh and now he has done something that proves he is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan.

At present Qaiser is working on his new venture Mall Square App ( and has certainly revolutionized the way people shop in malls.

Qaiser has always figured out how to do things differently and once again he has done something unique; this time not as a techie but as a fan of Shah Rukh Khan. Qaiser is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and says that the actor has a huge impact on his life. Hence, Qaiser came out with a unique way to take a shot at SRK.

What did Qaiser do?

He sent him a ‘single’ shoe in a box which he says is not a sign of disrespect but a creative way to approach the most creative person he admires.

Here is what he wrote in the letter attached to the shoe box:

Dear Mr Shah Rukh Khan,

 My name is Qaiser Malik, I am 23 year old. I want to have the privilege to introduce myself to you and potentially have the opportunity to have you onboard at Mall Square which is really impossible but possible by trying just like you did while you were at my age. 

 We are a small company which is trying to do something really innovative in the mall space by bringing the malls of India online and bringing malls in the hands of people. Currently based out of Lucknow, we are running our operations in Lucknow and Bengaluru. Lucknow is the place where I belong to.

The reason why I have a shoe in the box is to represent that I have gotten one foot in the door. Please meet me so that I can have the second foot through the door as well.A yes from you for the meeting would change my life and everyone who have worked really hard with me to start this venture.

I hope you appreciate my creativity and meet me for some time to discuss.

Yours Sincerely

Mohd Qaiser Malik

P.S.: Thankyou for your time. Lots of Love

Talking to Qaiser on whether he got any reply from SRK, he said, “This box reached Mannat on 22nd Feb and still I haven’t got a reply. I have waited a lot, couldn’t sleep for straight four days.”

“Also a reply from him seems like a very impossible thing. But as he says, everything’s possible if you stick long enough to it,” he added.

Qaiser has always made Lucknow proud. He is a final year student of engineering in Bengaluru. He has started his venture Mall Square which is doing great.

We hope he gets a reply from SRK. The purpose of sharing this story with you all is to inspire you to try your best to fulfill your desires.

Qaiser is working hard to make his dreams come true and he surely will reach there.

I hope you liked the story.

Disclaimer: The details in the story were shared with the writer during an interview. We have copyright on the information above.

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