Meet the man who took the first ever selfie with Taj Mahal

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Selfies have become an inevitable part of our lives. Thanks to great mobile phone cameras that help us click and social media platforms where we get to post them. A day without selfie is a day wasted for many!

Our encounter with selfie isn’t very old. What came as a trend sometimes back is now a habit of capturing every special moment with a selfie. Amongst the various types of selfies we click the one we click with monuments is very popular.One such monument where all of us would definitely love to click a selfie is Taj Mahal. One of the seven wonders of world, Taj Mahal is an epitome of beauty and mesmerizing treat for every spectator.

Thousands of tourists visit Taj Mahal every year and click memorable pictures with this symbol of love. However, do you know who was the first person to click a selfie with TAJ and when was this selfie taken?

A surprising fact for many us; it was in the year 1966 that a man named George Harrison took the first ever selfie with Taj Mahal. Selfie as a form of photography was not known to people back then. But George who loved photography was a pro at taking selfies with his fish eye lens.

George Harrison and his wife Pattie flew from London to Bombay (Mumbai), India in September 1966. Harrison then 23 was famous for his obsession with guitars and cameras. In this trip, Harrison brought his camera with a fisheye lens and took some beautiful self-portraits, or as we would say now selfies.

It’s not just the selfie at Taj Mahal but many other self portraits that Harrison clicked in India, which can be referred as first ever selfies.

Check out the other selfies he clicked in India.

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