Meet Sameer Khan, a Lucknowi poet who heal souls with his words!

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In India we often ignore the topic of Mental Health. It has never been part of our family discussions nor is it something that we are thought in school. Almost everyone is aware of medicines or home-remedies when it comes to cough and cold, but talk of mental health and we are clueless. It’s because this is how we have been brought up.

Visiting a psychiatrist is a taboo and the subject of mental health is looked upon as a state of complete insanity. That’s why when depression or anxiety creeps in, even people close to the patient fail to identify.

However, things are changing for good and we have seen people being candid on the topic and lending a helping hand to those who are in need. Today, we will talk about one such person Sameer Khan, who hails from Lucknow and has been working with all his heart to heal everyone in despair.

Sameer is an author and poet who believe that words have the power to move our souls. This young man has penned a book ‘Eerie Edges’, dedicated to people suffering from clinical depression and anxiety. In the book, Sameer talks about emotions and feeling that remain unattended or one fails to express.


Sameer who is also associated with NGOs and Health associations contributes by writing healing poems for people who are suffering from deadly diseases or are in edge of dying. He narrates stories at old age homes and blind schools to comforts them with the power of his healing words.

When most of us are busy making our lives better, Sameer is busy writing to make a difference. He writes on topics like Depression, Feminism and LGBTIQ community and contributes his little to make lives better.

I pick up broken and fallen pieces of mine, Floating on tears, dipped in pity. This water is toxic. But! Aren’t these my own tears? Did these sharp edged broken pieces of mine injure my skin and infect my tears while pouring down? I’m tired, so tired. Of keeping myself awake every night. Anxiety has consumed all over me. I’m bleeding but it isn’t visible. I’m in pain but it’s just in my mind, yet it feels so real. I’m scratching my skin, yet I’m sitting in a dark corner of my room, without any moving any of my limbs, with silence encroaching my nerves. But, I’m determined that I will survive. And a question haunts me. Why? Why this pain? Why me? When I can save people, Why can’t I save myself? Why can’t anyone else save me? I want to cry, but I’m not able to cry. People love me, but I can’t even sense it a bit. I feel numb. I survive every night, without holding any torch of hope. It’s just murk all over, in all the four directions. This darkness is even consuming my breath, my air. I’m holding on, to this darkness. Maybe, that’s what they call endurance. Cause I survive these storms every night, hoping for a faint light to shine. It’s​ just that, it feels like forever. ___________________________ #poem #poet #poetry #poetrycommunity #writer #depression #anxiety #writersofinstagram #quote #poetssociety #poetsofinstagram #poets

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Sameer is sensitive towards people suffering from depression and it’s because he himself has suffered the pain. As a child Sameer was bullied in school, his not so good grades were considered his certificate of unworthiness, he was constantly bombarded with the thoughts of failures and misery to an extent that he even tried to kill himself.

Depression is as haunting as it sounds. As a kid, Sameer was unaware of what was taking over him. He was broken to the core, he was full of sorrow, he felt dejected and to him the life seemed futile.

However, he fought a battle with his inner self. He forced himself to create a new world for him. It wasn’t easy, it was a constant struggle. And this struggle made him the man he is today.

His poetry reflects the depth of his emotions. His words are full of compassion. He has already walked in the shoes of all those who are suffering, he knows what would make a difference.


Sameer definitely fought with his inner self and dark emotions. He evolved as a warrior, but ‘A Warrior of Art’. He took poetry not just as a flow of powerful emotions but a magic that can heal souls.

Sameer has been writing poems since he was in class third. Inspired by the work of William Wordsworth & Charles Bukowski, Sameer with his writings creates a home of emotions for others to stay in.

Checkout his work here.

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