The Mughal Gardens of Agra

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Agra represents an extraordinary ensemble of Mughal heritage. While the world renowned Taj Mahal is a gem to the city’s crown, Agra has lot more to showcase. Amongst various notable architectural marvels built by Mughal Emperors, the Mughal Gardens finds a special mention.

The spectacular Mughal Gardens influenced by Persian architecture are part of Agra’s rich cultural heritage. As the chronicles says, the Mughal Gardens were an attempt to re reincarnate the Gardens of Paradise as mentioned in Quran. 

The famous Mughal Gardens of Agra are splendid creations and here we list them for you:

Ram Bagh

Ram Bagh in Agra is said to be the oldest Mughal Garden in India. Conceptualized by Babar, the first Mughal Emperor in India, the garden was earlier known as Bagh-e-Nur Afshan ‘Light-Scattering Garden’.

The garden has been built on Charbagh pattern which boasts of gardens with fountains, water channels, island platform that form integral part of Mughal architecture.

It is said that the Rambagh garden was also known as Aram Bagh ‘Garden of Rest’ and Aalsi Garden ‘Garden of Lazy’. According to a legend, Emperor Akbar proposed to his third wife, who was a gardener there, by lying idle for 6 days until she agreed to marry him

Established by Babar in1528, the garden was later renovated by Nur Jahan, wife of Emperor Jahangir. The garden got its current name after India’s partition as it lied in Hindu majority area of Agra.

Mehtab Bagh

Aligned with Taj Mahal, Mehtab Bagh is specially built to view Taj Mahal in romantic moonlight. ‘Mehtab Bagh’ which literally means ‘The Moon Garden’ lies across Yamuna River.

Spread across 25-acre plot, Mehtab Bagh is one of the most famous gardens in Agra. The garden is said to be an oasis once, with fountains, pools, flowers and shaded pavilions. However, you will still find reminiscence of Mughal era.

Taj Mahal Garden

Stretched from the main gateway of the gateway of Taj Mahal to the doorway of the mausoleum, Taj Mahal garden is one of the iconic gardens in Agra.

Depicting symmetry and geometrical measurements in all its glory, the garden is built in Persian Style. It is thus divided into four identical squares by two marble canals with fountains and guarded by cypress trees.

A lotus shaped tank is constructed at the centre of the garden, in a way that it reflects crystal clear view of Taj. The garden consists of pathways and flower beds that amaze everyone who visits this monument of Love.

Shah Jahan Bagh

The lush green expanse and emerald colour floor is what make Shah Jahan Bagh stand out among several gardens in Agra. This beautiful Mughal garden is named after the powerful Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

The garden stretches towards Taj Mahal in west direction and is known for its picturesque beauty and enchanting ambience. The garden also houses an extensive Golf Course which makes it one of the most attractive parks in Agra.

So, when you are in Agra it’s not just Taj Mahal you ought to visit. Spend some time in the most iconic Mughal Gardens and rejuvenate yourselves with the wonders of the Mughal Era.

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