Lucknawi doctor suicides after wife denies him non-veg food

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A doctor in Lucknow committed suicide at his resident in Gomtinagar on Wednesday night reportedly after having an argument with his wife over eating non-vegetarian food.

Dr Uma Shanker Gupta on Wednesday bought non-veg food for himself and his six-year daughter Aradhya, who was asleep but was woken up by him after which they both ate together.


When his wife Deepti Agarwal an income tax officer (a pure vegetarian) came to know about this, she got angry and an argument broke out between the couple over feeding non-veg food to Aradhya (her daughter). Following the heated exchange, Dr Gupta locked himself in a room.

Half-an-hour later when Deepti knocked on the door of Gupta’s room to apologize, he did not respond. She also called her on his phone but, he did not answer.

His wife Deepti got tensed and called up Hemant Pandey, a colleague of Gupta, and her neighbours for help. When the door was broken, the 43-year-old doctor was found hanging from the ceiling. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.

The police have asserted that it is a case of suicide on the basis of Deepti’s confession,

“Half an hour after that, I repented and wanted to apologise to my husband. I knocked on the door of his room but he did not respond. He also did not answer his phone when I called him,”

 Meanwhile, no suicide note has been found.CO Gomtinagar Deepak Kumar Singh said it was a case of suicide.


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