Eid Al-Adha Special: Seven Eateries You Must Hit This Bakrid

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Eid-Al Adha is being celebrated in full swing and we can witness its sublime aura all across Lucknow. Eid celebrations is incomplete without sumptuous food and during Bakrid, Lucknow becomes a paradise for foodies especially those who love to savor non-vegetarian delicacies. 

From mouthwatering Biryani to Kebabs that melt in mouth, you can find a range of delicious foods to choose from. You just ca’t miss having these tempting delights in Lucknow and here we list for you seven places that you must hit ASAP.

Here we go,

1. Naushijaan

Naushijaan is one such place in Lucknow that you must hit to enjoy delicious feast during this holy festival. Majisi Kebab, Rumali Roti, Galauti Kebab, Pasanda Kebab, Boti Kebab and Chicken Masala are some of the most loved dishes of this restaurant. Besides, the place also offers Hyderabadi, Deghi and Bukhari Biryani to choose from.

Approx:  Rs. 600 for two people

Location: Tulsi Theatre Complex, Lalbagh

2. Dastarkhwan

Dastarkhwan, is a place which may look ordinary but is meat lovers delight. Serving the most authentic Mughlai cuisine in Lucknow, it offers finger licking Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, Chicken Korma, Galauti Kebab, Tawa Chicken Masala, Murgh Kalimirch and Chicken Kalimirch. Hit this place for dinner with you family and you will definitely have a gala time.

Approx:  Rs. 400 for two people

Location: U. P. Press Club, China Bazaar Gate Road, Hazratganj

3. Idrish Hotel

If Biryani is something you have been craving for Iftari, then look no further. Idris ki Biryani will never disappoint you when it comes to authenticity of the taste, and serves one of the the best biriyani platter in Lucknow. The most popular dishes here include Mutton Biryani, Awadhi Biryani, Mutton Korma, Yakhni Pulao and Dum Biryani. Do not expect it to be a fancy restaurant; it is a typical roadside ‘dhaba’ that will certainly leave your taste buds elated.

Approx:  Rs. 300 for two people

Location: Opposite Patanala Police Station, Chowk

4. Tunday Kebabi

Lucknow is a paradise for foodies and Tunday Kebabi is definitely the jewel in its crown. Eid is considered incomplete in Lucknow if you don’t relish the world renowned Tundey Kebabs. These kebabs are so soft that they melt in our mouth oozing the flavours of hundreds of spices used to make them. Also, you can hit this place for a plate of delicious and satisfying Biryani.

Approx:  Rs. 400 for two people

Location: Naaz Cinema Road, Aminabad

5. Raheem Hotel

Raheem ki Kulcha Nihari is another favourite among Lucknowites and they love the place for its kulcha nihari. You will find one of the finest nihari here with mutton pieces cooked to perfection. The kulcha is always served fresh and crisp, and will certainly please your soul. Top dishes loved by people include Paya, Mutton Nihari, Chicken Tikka, Kulcha Nihari, Seekh Kebab and Chicken Biryani.

Approx:  Rs. 250 for two people

Location: Akbari Gate, Chowk

6. Mubeen’s

Chowk has best places to hit during Eid and Mubeen’s is one of them. Head to this place for delicious Awadhi and Mughlai food for Eid and relish the famous dishes like Mutton Biryani, Roasted Chicken, Kulcha Nihari, Chicken Tikka, Pasanda Kebabas, Sheermal and what not. It’s a legendary non-veg point in Lucknow for sure and the atmosphere during Eid Al-Adha is purely festive.

Approx:  Rs. 300 for two people

Location: Opposite Ek Minara Masjid, Akbari gate, Chowk

7. Prakash Kulfi

There is no better way to end the meal in Lucknow that having a serving of thandi kulfi from Prakash. This place is iconic and located in near many legendary non-veg food outlets in Aminabad. Choose among Kulfi Faluda, Kesar Pista, Kesar Kulfi, Sugar Free Kulfi and seasonal Mango Kulfi.

Approx:  Rs. 300 for two people

Location: Fruit Lane, Aminabad Market

We are sure that the list is tempting enough to remind you of the delicious food in Lucknow. So, why wait drop by these places and have a happy and delicious Bakrid.

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