Rakshabandhan Special: 10 Bhai-Behen Things That Will Take You Down The Memory Lane

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They say that no matter how old you become, when you are with your siblings you revert back to childhood. They are our constant support, love us genuinely yet occasionally we love to hate them. As Rakshabandhan is round the corner, let us revive some beautiful memories we had with our Bhai-Behen that we yearn to reciprocate today.

Here we go,

1. Tujhe Kachre Ke Dabbe Se Utha Ke Laayein Hai!

This is a fun game every elder sibling has played on the younger one. Making them believe that they were adopted from a dustbin. What fun days!

2. Mummy Papa Mujhe Jada Pyar Karte Hain!

Well, this one line was enough to put the sibling’s mood off. Luckily if one gets parents attention more than the sibling, this is how they pester their brother or sister.

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3. TV ka Remote Mujhe Do !

This is one inevitable fight every sibling has. Controlling TV remote at home was one big deal especially in those days when there was no personal smartphones and Netflix to keep us glued. 

4. Lets wear saari and play makeup – makeup!

If you are a girl with a younger brother, you have definitely done this to your bro. And if you had an elder sister you definitely remember wearing her frock or a mom’s dupatta draped as saari at least once.

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5. Mummy Ko wo wali baat bata dungi!

Blackmailing our sibling was another fun thing we all have done. Threatening them of revealing the hard kept secrets always worked.

6. Choke Slam!

In no time the quarrel would turn into scuffle and we would pick anything from bat, pipe and hockey to beat the shit out of each other. And not to forget those Choke Slams.

7. ‘Chudail’ lag rahi hai!


Bros just can’t stop themselves from teasing their sisters by calling them Moti, Chudail and what not; which was followed by an emotional banter from Mom, ‘Jab Sasural Chai Jayegi Tab Royega’. Those Days!

8. Yaar late aaunga, Ghar par sambhal lena!

How many times have you not informed your parents that you sibling came back home late? I am sure many a times. Saving your siblings from parent’s wrath was one secretly kept promise.

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9. Please Papa ke sign kar de na answersheet mein!

Most of us have done this at one point or the other in life. When we faked our presents signature on our siblings answer sheets, diaries or test copies.

10. Tera turn hai bottle bharne ka!

Filling those refrigerator bottles was one tedious task we hated doing, and always told our siblings that it was their turn to fill them. This was not limited to filling water bottles but to every other chore.

At last all we want to tell our Sibling is that –

Happy Rakshabandhan To All !

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