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A gateway to Rajasthan, Shree Rajbhog is a restaurant serving most delectable Rajasthani thalis in Lucknow. In the city which is drenched with non-vegetarian delicacies, places like Shree Rajbhog comes as a delicious surprise for those who are on the vegetarian side.

Shree Rajbhog Restaurant

Situated at Vikrant Khand, Gomti Nagar, the restaurant is not just a place to dine out but an experience in itself. I visited Shree Rajbhog for Lunch along with two friends, and there were decent number of customers despite it being a sunny weekday afternoon.

Decor with colorful umbrellas and puppet dolls

As I entered their premises a small set up Rajasthani courtyard caught my eye. There was a cot ‘charpai’ laid, a swing and wooden frame perfect to click pictures. As we got in the restaurant, two men all dressed in Rajasthani attire welcomed us with ‘Tilak’ and ‘Pagdi’ followed by the warm traditional greeting ‘Padharo’. The first glance on the interiors gave me a view of Rajasthani décor in all its glory.

The finely carved ‘Jharokas’ giving the interiors a Rajasthani touch

The restaurant was festooned with miniature Rajasthani sculptures, colourful umbrellas, puppet dolls, paintings, wall hangings and carved jharokhas (windows) that gave a seamless impression of Rajasthani folk.

The plates enveloped in velvet pouches, making them royal

Sitting for the food, we found the tables laid with cutlery packed in velvet pouches. The red pouches embellished with golden lace was royal indeed.

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Waiters making customers wash their hands before starting with the meal
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Next the waiter came along with a jug and vessel to get our hands washed. A glass full of masala buttermilk was served which worked as good appetizer.

The Royal Rajasthani Thali

The thali menu changes every day, except for a few signature Rajasthani delicacies. The meal started; Daal Bati Churma, Dhokla Sandwich, Chaat and Veg Cutlet were served as starters. It was followed by main course which included Gatte ki sabzi, Paneer, Doodhi chana (chana lauki), Kadhi, Aaloo ki sukhi sabji, Rajasthani dal, Gujrati dal, Rice, Palak Khichdi and among breads they served Fulka, Bajre ki roti, Mooli ka paratha with a dollop of ghee. Not to forget Papad, Chutney and Salad complimented the food. In dessert, we were served with Lapsi (wheat Dalia prepared in ghee with dry fruits) and milk Seviyan.

The amicable staff at Shree Rajbhog

The Daal Baati Choorma, Chaat, Kadhi, Gatte Ki Sabji and Lapsi taste best. The spices were mild, keeping in view the thali was Rajasthani. Do not expect the dishes to be at par with authentic Rajasthani cusines as the taste is altered as per the preferences of the Lucknowi visitors. The heavenly taste of Gulkand Paan they offered at the end, made the entire meal divine. 

Mouth refreshers along with the very delighting ‘Gulkand Paan’

Over all the experience of visiting Shree Rajbhog is worth it, with food that tastes homemade, ambiance that goes with the Rajasthani theme, the puppet shows that is organized during late evening and complimentary ‘mehendi’ for ladies who are willing to apply. Thus, making the visit to Shree Rajbhog not just a casual dining but an rustic experience all together.

Experience the Rajasthani ambiance and delectable food at Shree Rajbhog

You ought to try this place for once and the amicable staff and good food will surely make you visit the place again. A win-win deal for sure. The most exciting part of visiting Shree Rajbhog is that all of this lavish affair is extremely economical with only Rs. 299 per head including taxes.

LucknowBytes Team at Shree Rajbhog

LucknowBytes team enjoyed experiencing Rajasthan both in meal and ambiance at Shree Rajbhog. 

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