Revolver Rani: Lucknowi journalist attacked by goons, saved by wife who pulled out a revolver in defense

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In a courageous act, a Lucknowi woman pulled out a pistol and aimed at the goons who were thrashing her husband with iron rods.

The incident took place in Kakori, where a local journalist Abid Ali, was attacked by around half a dozen unknown goons right at front of his residence.

The incident that has been be recorded by the CCTV camera suggests that Abid was talking to someone outside his house, when out of nowhere four man appeared and started thrashing him. One of them can also be seen bringing an iron rod and beating Abid.

Victim’s wife who is also a lawyer apparently heard the commotion outside the house and came out to rescue her husband. She pulled out a revolver and allegedly fired a few rounds and aimed the gun at the attackers.

This frightened the goons and they backed off and thus Abid got rescued. He can be seen rushing towards his house and locking the gates.

The footage of the incident caught live on camera, went viral on social and electronic media.

The goons are said to send by Abid’s landlord as a result of some dispute between them, police said today. “Separate FIRs have been filed in connection with the matter – one by the landlord alleging usurping of his property and the other by Ali,” the police said.

The news and footage was reported by ANI.

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