School- ‘A new adda and target to Rape and Kill’

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We come across rape case news everyday. Schools are the new place and school kids are the new target for lustful psycho animals in body of man. Not much before, the whole nation was shocked by the death of Pradyuman, a student in Ryan International School, Gurgaon. Again, humanity has gone down to a new low, this time leaving many marks on Agra’s legacy. A 7 YO girl’s dead body was found naked in Atmadpur, Agra. If reports are to be believed, the girl was sexually assaulted before she got murdered as she was bleeding from abdomen. There were many scratches and wounds on the body. Dead body was found in a nearby primary school.

DSP Akhilesh Narayan Singh stated:

“The girl’s body was found without clothes and she was bleeding from the abdominal area. The post-mortem report has confirmed smothering as the cause of death but sexual assault can’t be ascertained. The viscera has been preserved for further for further examinations.”

Adding to this, he said

“Prima facia it seems that someone very close to the girl killed her. We are collecting some more evidences before we arrest the culprit.”

The mishap was reported by the father of the victim who is also a suspect in this murder. As stated by the police, there were 4 members in the family, 7 YO girl, 2 brothers and the father. Victim’s elder brother has accused his father of raping and killing her. the boy also informed the police that his father has raped his sister a few months ago. Police has taken the suspect in custody. If this report is true, we are very much aware about where we are heading to. But we don’t pay any heeds to such news BECAUSE THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED TO OUR PEOPLE, OUR CHILD.

Let’s see how and when our constitution handles this issue and put the culprit behind the bars. May the soul of innocent rest in peace.

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