Shocking: Heavy Rain and Storm blows away minarets at Taj Mahal

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Agra: A 12 feet minaret inside Taj Mahal collapsed after heavy rainfall and thunderstorm in Agra on Wednesday night. The wind speed during the storm was recorded to be 130 km per hour.


As per reports, heavy rain and storm swept Agra on Wednesday evening and as a result this minaret along with a dome collapses around 7:30 pm.


Both the minaret and done broke into several pieces as they hit the ground. However, there has been no statement issued by Archeological Survey of India.


The collapsed minaret was from the main gate ‘Darwaza-e-rauza’. This is the royal gate from where tourists get the first view of the mighty Taj Mahal.

The reports also suggest that the minarets were also crashed in 2016 due to weakening because of cleansing work. However, ASI had reported that it were the jumping monkeys who had weakened the minarets and dome.

The freak storm also disrupted other parts of the city with electricity pole and trees getting uprooted and roads being destroyed. Similar situations were also reported from neighbouring city of Mathura and Bijnor.

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