Story of Seven Magnificent Gates of Jaipur

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The beautiful city of Jaipur glorifies the legacy of Rajputs in India. Every essence of this city speaks volumes about the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. The old Jaipur is encircled by city wall built in the era of Rajputs. The Pink City was enclosed within the city wall and the ways to move out of Jaipur were the seven magnificent Gates or Poles.

These poles not just gateways Jaipur’s but also save the kingdom in times of war. The gates were closed whenever enemies would attack, thus saving the pink city from any destruction. Let us tell you more about these Gates of Jaipur.

Here we go:

1. Chandpole

As the name signifies, Chandpole stands for the Moon Gate. This gate marks the western periphery of the city. Also, the gate is located on the same axis as Suraj Pole. There is also a very popular and busy market surrounding this gate which h is known as Chandpole Bazar. This gate is also significant because of the very popular Chandpole Hanuman Ji temple lies in its vicinity.

2. Surajpole

Surajpole is the gate that paves the way to old Jaipur from the eastern end of the city. The gate derives its name from Suraj as the sun rises from east. The gate is also a route to the Galta Ji gate which connects the city with famous Galta Ji temple. The prominent feature of the gate is two pictures of Sun painted on the walls of the gate.

3. Ajmeri Gate

This is one of the four gates on the southern end of the walled city of old Jaipur. It was originally called the Kishanpole but as thing gates leads to a road that connects the city with Ajmer, the gate became famous as Ajmeri Gate. The gate also takes you towards the famous Kishanpole market.

4. Zorawar Singh Gate

Zorawar Singh Gate is said to be the first gate that was built for this walled city of Jaipur. The gate lies in the North periphery of the walled city of old Jaipur. The gate was earlier called Dhruv Pole. As the gate was situated in the North direction it derived its name from the fixed star Dhruv Tara (Pole Star) that always shines on the North. 

5. Sanganeri Gate

Sanganeri Gate also lies in the southern part of the city. It is one of the most popular gates among tourists as it leads to the very popular Johri Bazar of Jaipur. The gate got its name from the Sanganeri town that is connected with Jaipur through this gate. It is also known as Shiv Pole as the famous Shiv Temple which was visited by royal family is situated in its vicinity.

6. Naya Pole

Naya Pole or New Gate gets this named as it this gate was not in the original plan of the gates that were constructed for the city wall. This gate was constructed later in 1940’s replacing a small gate that was present at its location. Also, this gate was inspired by Brandenburg gate in Berlin, but the designs were altered keeping in view that it should match the other gates of Jaipur’s city wall.

7. Ghat Gate

Ghat gate is one of the four gates in the southern periphery of the walled city of old Jaipur. The gate derives its name from Ghat Ki Ghuni as a road towards the east of the gate connects Jaipur with the Ghat. Also, towards the city this gate leads to Ramchandra Ji Chowkri and Ramganj Bazar and hence is also known Ram Pole.

Besides these prominent and magnificent gates there are more gates like Smarat Pole, Ganga Pole etc. that paves the way to old Jaipur. I am sure you are enthralled to see how beautifully these magnificent gates in Jaipur paved a way to this historical city. 

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