Why Taj Mahal wins and Agra loses?

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Agra, popularly known as the city of Taj is always in the headlines for one thing or the other. The things that make this city apart from others are its rich monuments, food, handicrafts and many other things. 

Though these things make Agra a miniature paradise on earth but there is always an other side of the coin which many people do not know.

So let’s start:

1. Shortage of drinking water: With the increase in population and the tourists count, Agra faces water shortage as a major problem. The people living in this beautiful city come across this problem everyday. Though many measures have been taken by the authority but still this thing lives in the heart of the city.

2Non co-operative tourist staffs: The culture of our country welcome all our guests as God. But this love is lost somewhere in the crowd in Agra. Most of the tourist staff are engaged in filling up their pockets. They hardly care about the comfort of their guests and ignores them in front of money.

3. Increase in population: With the increase in job opportunities, the other thing which is rapidly increasing in the city is the population. Due to this many unwanted problems arise which can have fatal consequences in the future. The government is taking various actions to overcome this problem and hopefully it will be controlled.

4. Rapid industrializationWe all love to have a stylish leather bags, belts, wallets, shoes and other stuffs. But we do not know the dark truth behind the manufacturing of these beautiful things of ours. The leather shoe industry of Agra has a very bright past. But as the population is increasing at a very swift rate, this industry has also grown rapidly. This has polluted the air and water of the city. The chemical industries of Agra excretes a large amount of waste chemicals in the rivers and the lakes. It not only harms the people of the city but also destroys our Taj.

5. Increment in crime: One of the worst thing that Agra faces everyday is the ‘crime’. Starting from robbery to murders, this city is notorious for many these crimes. Uttar Pradesh and crime are sometimes considered as synonyms and same goes with Agra. There have been many incidents in past which has tarnished the reputation of Agra. However, the officials concerned are always at the edge their seats to stop this. Many measures are taken everyday by the police to stop the crimes in the city.

Taj Mahal gets all the attention in the world. It’s time the government also look after Agra. 

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