A tale of Love: 80 years old man built a Taj for his ‘Mumtaz’

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Everyone has their own idea of love, but then there are leave imprints of their love story for the generations to come. One such man is an 80 year’s old retired postmaster Faizul Hasan Qadri. This man loved his wife Tajamulli deeply and when her death made them apart he ended up building a mini Taj Mahal for his beloved.

Qadri hails from Kalan village in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh and was married to Tajamulli for almost 58 years. It was in 2011 when his Begum passed away due to throat cancer, Qadri was left alone lamenting his wife’s death.

In their long relationship the couple often wondered that who would remember them once they die and this little idea compelled Qadri to build a replica of Taj Mahal as a memory of his ‘Mumtaj’.

The undying love for Tajamulli led him to sell his farmlands and his wife’s jewelry to collect funds for the mini Taj Mahal. Tajamulli was buried on a piece of Qadri’s agricultural land. It was after that he began the construction of the monument on the same land.

Qadri’s mini Taj is a simple 4-cornered structure, unlike the original Taj Mahal that is 8-cornered with rooms within. Both the monuments have similar looking domes, but while the Taj Mahal is flanked by 4 minarets that are 130 feet high, Qadri’s mini Taj is surrounded by 4 minarets that are over 27 feet tall.

There were several occasions when Qadri was short of finances and many a people came forward to lend a helping hand. But Qadri was determined that he would construct the mini Taj without taking help from anyone.

This replica of Taj Mahal may not be one an epitome of grandeur but definitely is a symbol of Faizul Hasan Qadri’s undying love for his wife. People from nearby villages and cities flock to Qadri’s village and take a glimpse of this Taj Mahal.

Qadri lives in a house he has built next to the mini Taj. Just like Shahjahan could see the Taj Mahal from his prison cell, Qadri can see his Taj from his room’s window. The old man has planted trees around the mini Taj and also built a small water body behind it.

The common man who went great lengths in love for his wife desires to get buried next to her. Their love is eternal indeed.

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