Things to do in Lucknow this Diwali Week

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What’s so amazing about this week? It is definitely the Diwali, an occasion of fun, fun and more fun, soon to knock our doors. Colloquially known as the ‘Festival of lights’, it has its own charm. It is celebrated with much pomp and fervor throughout the communities in Lucknowi diaspora.

The festival paints the city in colours of celebrations all around. The city sees homecoming of many Lucknowites, the nawabs, to immerse in the festive mood of their home town, the beloved Lucknow.

Since the Diwali is just around the corner, we bring to you the things you can prep up your week with-

Chowk Mela

Walk up to the streets of Old Lucknow, and you can spot the shops lined up together, each of them laden with religious paraphernalia, intricately designed toys, and vibrant décor items to spruce up your houses. We bet you won’t find such an artwork at such an affordable price in any of the big shops.

Diwalicious sweets

A week or two ahead of Diwali, several outlets in the town like Parampara, Chhappan Bhog and Prem Mishthan Bhandar gear up to give a Diwalicious zing to your sweet tooth. The shops offer special mewa sweets, oh-so-soft rabri and Diwali special packs, which are also open to customization. So, you can walk in to any of these sweet joints with your friends & family and gorge some of the best delicacies of the season.

Chaat in the evening 

An evening spent munching good food is an evening well spent. Indulging on tangy Lucknowi chaat is a delicious experience and in the festive season it has its own fun! You can hangout with your friends or family at some famous chaat junctions like Royal Café in Hazratganj or Prem Mishthan Bhandar in Chowk and enjoy the mouth-watering options!

Explore the malls donned in Diwali avatar

The malls in Lucknow get into the Diwali avatar days before the main eve, making the Mall tour all the more amazing. Moreover, the stores here offer exciting discounts and gifts which you mustn’t miss!

Diwali Dinner by Hyatt Regency

Festivals are all about getting together with your near & dear ones. So, this Diwali you can plan out the eve for the Diwali Dinner at Rocca on 19th You can enjoy the festivity while the hosts, the Hyatt Regency will take care of your khana peena. For further details, you can contact 0522-4261234.

So, Lucknowites get ready to rock and make every bit of the occasion happening. Wish all a prosperous Diwali! 



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