Tiny Tales by a Young Lucknowi Poet Will Perk Up Your Day!

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In the words of Wordsworth, “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.” It indeed is. From love, passion, triumph to fear, anxiety and darkness, whatever is expressed in poetry is an expression of recollected emotions.

When memes and spoofs have taken over the interest of youth, it comes as a sweet surprise to see youngsters evolving as poets and author. Once such young talented youngster is Sameer Khan, who with is soulful poetry is winning hearts.

Sameer who hails from Lucknow and describes himself as ‘A Warrior of Art’ . He writes on topics like Depression, LGBTIQ community, Feminism, Love and has also penned a book ‘Eerie Edges’, dedicated to people suffering from clinical depression and anxiety.

Check out some of his beautiful work:

A man of metaphors!

You just can’t stop dreaming

Love Tales

When depression rules your mind

He writes for ‘Her’

She was an ocean, calm, soothing and serene. Her wishes stretched beyond, To a land afar, unseen. There was no end to her beauty. Her hair waved in the breeze. Just like the dance of the waves, The ocean fails to seize. Her emotions were like fishes, Roamed inside her, fearless and free Their pace was set swift, Beneath it, she hid, a bulk of debris. The ocean was filled By a river of positive vibes. Optimism ran through her veins, Fed all the emotions, settled as tribes. The river met the ocean, The union was blissful, alive. For, from her glittered happiness, The whole world could be taught to survive. There was a kingdom, vast Amidst her palm, divine. Which lighted up, and gleamed, Due to her heart, which beamed sunshine. She was the ruler, Intense, and conjuring. Oh, but the kingdom, for sure, Missed the presence of a King. There entered a wanderer Stood gazing at the shore. Was blinded with the immense light, And deafened by the wavy roar. She stretched her hand to him, For, her touch could kill all his murk She wanted to love all his fear, All her power, was put to work. The wanderer, a warrior himself, Feared his destiny, for, it betrayed. Her hands of love stretched ahead He put his hand over her hand, afraid. And thus, did it happen Their hands clutched together. His fear, her love together formed a forever. And their hands formed a bond, Inside the hearts, unbreakable. The wanderer had found his home, and the empire found it’s emperor, unshakable. —Sameer Khan // Her – 4 From, ” A series, dedicated. To ‘ Her ‘. ” Heart • Repost • Comment . . . . Don’t forget to tag if repost. #poetry #poet #love #muse #poetsofinsta #poems #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #writersblock #writer #emotions #muse #musing #love #couple #her

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Anguish of Loneliness 

Catch hold of those dual faces

Love Wolf

Broken Tales

Being Selfish

Sameer’s poetry is a piece of art indeed. 

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