Top Places in Lucknow that offer Freaking Awesome Shakes

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What can be more satisfying than a glass of chilled shake on a hot summer day. As heat is soaring high and you won’t find relief for the next few months; all you need to do is grab a huge glass of your favorite shake and enjoy the flavorsome treat.

If you are not sure of the places that serves you best when it comes to shakes; worry not! We bring for you a list of top places in Lucknow that offer freakin’ awesome Shakes:


Serving the original milkshakes since 1925, this legendary milkshake outlet is now in Lucknow. Keventers serves no less than 25 varieties of milkshakes that taste divine.

Location: Sapru Marg, Hazratganj


Talking of Shakes in Lucknow, you just can’t ignore Chhedilal. It is one of the oldest shakes and juices parlor’s in Lucknow that serves a wide variety of delightful traditional shakes.

Location: Kasturba Market, Chowk

The Chocolate Heaven

The name has it all. This is a place for chocolate lovers and is absolutely worth a visit. The wagon of its freak shakes delves you into a chocolatey world. The Chocolate mud pot and Monster brownie will make you drool.

Location: Vivek Khand, Opposite Aryans, Gomti Nagar

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Capoor & Sons

This new opened restaurant cum café cum bakery may have a lot to offer, but there can be nothing better than its shakes. Among the huge variety they offer, my personal favourite are bubblegum and red velvet shakes.

Location: Gokhale Vihar, Hazratganj


Mocha is another awesome place to visit for freak shakes. Its menu enlists a variety of great shakes to choose from. From basic cold coffee to blueberry brain freezer shakes, Mocha serves it all.

Location: Anand Plaza, Viram Khand 1, Gomti Nagar

Free Spirit

A small café that serves finger-licking food is also home to tempting shakes in Town. From Hazelnut to Nutella, Bourneville to Ferrero Rocher Shake. Pick any of these and you will be left amazed.

Location: Near Shaheed Path Flyover, Vishesh Khand 2, Gomti Nagar

Chemistry Café

This theme café serves as good shakes as its Chemistry lab décor. You will go gaga over the presentation of the frappes that are severed in beakers and flasks and taste equally good.

Location: Vikas Khand, Near Dayal Paradise, Gomti Nagar

I am sure the list is enough to tickle your taste buds. Count on and start hopping to the best shakes destinations in Lucknow.

  1. saurab says

    best place for merry jane shake ?

  2. Narendra Kakwani says

    excellent information shared by you 

    1. Richa Sharma says

      Thank You Narendra Kakwani, Keep sharing and supporting Lucknow Bytes!

  3. Arpita says

    You should try shakes at royal bite ?

    1. Richa Sharma says

      Thanks Arpita,
      We will surely try. Keep reading Lucknow Bytes for more.

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