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Title – UNNS: The Captivation

Author – Sapan Saxena

Genre – Fiction

Publisher – Inspire India Publishers

Cost – 189 INR

The title UNNS actually made me clueless of what the book has in it, but as the story progressed the meaning became clear and significant. This book is a romantic thriller which talks about the seven stages of Love and UNNS being one of the stages.


UNNS is the story of Atharav Rathod and Meher Qasim, the lovebirds in school who got separated by the circumstances and could not keep in touch. It was only after 15 years that they met in Germany but this time it also involved a secret mission. The story takes another leap of 12 years, where Atharva and Meher met again, only to unveil what destiny had in hold for them.


The prologue establishes Meher Qasim as the pivotal character around whom the entire story revolves. The story begins with love affair between two teenagers which will give you reminiscence of innocent love stories of school days. The first act is written in a very flat manner but the events, conversations and references of few historical facts keep the readers engaged.

What looked like a usual tale of love took twist in the second half. With a secret mission at the pivot the story revolved around Atharva and Meher; as they unknowingly transcend seven stages of love. Undoubtedly the plot keeps you at edge but it feels more like a high on drama movie. Though the twist and turns were quite predictable, but the inquisitiveness to know what’s next remained intact.

The characters have been crafted beautifully with special mention of Mehers beauty. It was very easy to decipher their personality with the clear description of their characteristics. The closure of sentences felt abrupt at times leaving the reader clueless.

The third act was too descriptive and long at place. I actually skimmed few pages to run into conclusion. The climax gives you a thud, leaving you with a mixed feeling of happiness and grief.

Beside Atharva and Meher, characters of Dev, Professor Miyaaz Sheikh and Ayaz have some important role to play and the author has done justice to their portrayal.

Book Cover

The title of the book UNNS, the royal blue rose and a figure of a girl and boy under an umbrella all seem to be incomprehensible when I picked the book, but the beauty lies in the fact that once you close the book after reading, the entire book cover makes so much sense. Designed by Ajitabha Bose, the cover is captivating in its own way.


The storyline isn’t a hardcore tale of romance. It has its own share of thrill, suspense, fight and war. For those who are fond of romantic thriller the book is a good read.

About the Author

Software Engineer by profession, Sapan Saxena is an author by choice. Born in the city of Nawabs Lucknow, he earned his Engineering degree from MNNIT Allahabad. He is currently based in Nashua, New Hemisphere. UNNS is his 2nd attempt at writing fiction. His first book was FINDERS, KEEPERS.

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