The Unsung Heroes: They Work, When Lucknow Sleeps

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Most of us sleep late at night these days. All thanks to the Internet for making us glue on our Smartphone for hours before we actually sleep. Well, for some waking up at night is not the same experience and when we cuddle in our beds prepping for a good night sleep, they are busy doing some serious work.

Here we bring for you a photo series, of Unsung Heroes from Lucknow who work when the city sleeps to make our lives better!

Tough their efforts make a big difference in our lives but we often fail to acknowledge them. So, we decided to give you a glimpse of ‘life of the late night heroes’ of Lucknow whom we tend to ignore.

1. METRO workers

Metro construction is a visible sight all across the city. When in Lucknow, you just can’t miss witnessing the Metro Construction work. Though you can spot metro workers working in the daytime but there is lots of work and it is continued throughout the night.  They often do major work at night so that the citizens may not face trouble at daytime. After all when metro work will get complete it’s us who would enjoy the metro ride.

2. Lucknow Police


The job of a Police in India is one thankless job. We don’t take a second to blame police for anything and everything that goes wrong. But, do we ever take out a moment to thank all the policemen who help us maintain law and order in the city. They are awake in the night, everyday. The call of duty is their top most priority. They take rounds in city catching hold of things that are going against the law in order to ensure our safety. 

3. Chai Wala


With Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister of India, the term Chaiwala has garnered huge popularity. Well, let us tell you that these Chai Walas are actually the real heros. The Chai Walas prepare the ‘kadak chai’ and keep them everyone working at night refreshed. Besides, near railway and bust stations the Chail Wala also selling bun makkhan and biscuits is the ultimate savior for small hunger. 

4. Security Guards


When crime and thefts have become an unfortunate part of our society, our Guard Sahab is one who ensures our peaceful sleep. They wake up all night in vigilance keeping us and our belongings safe by sacrificing their sleep. Can we thank them enough for their service?

5. Rickshaw Wala


No matter how many vehicles hurl on the roads the humble rickshaw is still there at our service. The usage of rickshaw has gone down and it has become difficult for the rickshaw walas to make ends meet and thus they are also seen working late at night bringing passengers and goods from markets, railway stations, and bus stations to earn few more bucks. Think twice before unnecessarily bargaing with them. 

6. News Paper Hawkers


Early morning newspaper is a habit that we cannot live without. Since ages the newspaper hawkers have been waking up in the wee hours to collect newspapers and then deliver them to us. Well that’s not an easy job and we should be thankful.

7. Sweeper


Every morning when we wake up we expect our city be clean. And then throughout the day we are busy littering. Do you know that it’s late at night that the sweepers clean the city for us. Often we belittle them for the job they do but it’s us who litter and they are the ones who clean.

These are few people whom we spotted late at night working with utmost dedication without a trace of complain on their faces. This Labours Day we not just want Lucknowites to all to acknowledge their work but to acknowledge the dignity of labour as well.

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