A walk-through Lucknow ki Reha’ish

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The rich cultural heritage of Lucknow has always given its citizens a reason to celebrate its legacy. Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival is organized annually to celebrate the art, craft, heritage and food of Lucknow. This year the 5 days’ cultural extravaganza is organized with the theme ‘Lucknow Ki Reha’ish’ – Homes of Lucknow, at Safed Baradari, Qaisarbagh from 3rd to 7th February, 2017.

The festival welcomes you with a beautifully decorated entrance, that certainly accelerates the excitement to explore more. The moment you step in, an information desk awaits to give all the required information about the festival.

Sanatkada Festival is a celebration of the idea called Lucknow, and the alluring photographs and paintings adorned on the walls spoke of glory of the city. Be it the decorations reminiscent of glass stained windows, the angan of the 19th century kothi off one of Lucknow’s many narrow lanes or the curve of the hallway, it was the city’s architecture that was captured in the photographs and justified by the paintings. 

As we moved towards the hallway, it led us to a canvas painted with vibrant art and handicraft brought together from all over the nation. From handwoven silk to chikankari, the applique patterns to colourful phulkaris, the clay pottery to wood carving, the craft bazaar had it all.

Craft Bazaar at Sanatkada

However, what caught our attention was the emerging artisans from Lucknow and their skillfully done handicraft. Parikshit Design Studio, stood with the coolest creative merchandise. The cute handmade message frames, diaries, mirrors and clocks looked incredible.

Parikshit Design Studio

Lucknowi chikankaari needs no introduction, but the way team Lavangg exhibited it on clutches and laptop bags seemed like an absolute revival of the art. The elegant clutches were embroidered with zardozi and chikankaari work, and looked no less than a royal possession.

Chikankaari and Zardozi Clutches by Lavangg

Applique Studio was one stall were modernity met vintage charm. The bedsheets, and cushion covers with applique craft, which seems like patch work were perfect form of classy home décor. The Applique Studio guarantees no repetition of designs, and thus you take home an exclusive piece of handicraft.

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Moving ahead, we met Meera Devi, who was busy knitting crochet flowers and our eyes glued to the gorgeous patterns. Meera hailed from Bihar, and represented the rural Indian women and their mesmerizing skills.

Meera Devi knitting Crochet Flowers

We were also enchanted to see, the dolls made of waste materials. The dolls were not just adorable piece of handicraft but a message of how skillful hands can turn waste into wonder.

Dolls made of waste material

Lucknowites can’t stay hungry for long. And therefore, the next area we entered was the food court. From the delectable Rahim ki Nihaari to Makhan Malai, it offered the authentic taste of Awadhi cuisine. Besides, the very popular Lucknow Foodies group were present with their upcoming endeavor Mughal Sughal, a treat to our taste buds with some mouthwatering recipes.

Rahim’s at Sanatkada

If you have had enough of Lucnkowi food, the festival also offered cuisines from Rajasthan and Bengal. A mouthwatering option for sure. We relished the tempting Makkhan Malai and moved towards the next section Filmistan.

‘The Household’ running at Filmistan

A delightful experience for sure, there was an old movie running in the temporary theater. Starring Shashi Kapoor and Shabana Azmi, the movie was in English language and a cinematic marvel.

Cultural Event at Sanatkada

The festival also hosts a range of live cultural events, band performances, Literary Discussions, Qissa Goi (Storytelling) Bait Baazi (A verbal game of composing Urdu poetry) and more. The details of which are available on their website.

Mahindra Sanatkada Festival is a step towards reliving the heritage of Lucknow. If art, culture and food fascinates you, then there is just one more day left to visit this cultural festival. Hurry Up is all we can say!

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