Watch: Food Delivery by Drone in Lucknow

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We have hearing or drone off late and even spotted some in weddings hovering around to capture pictures. The drones are all over and you will soon have them delivering food straight at your terrace or garden. Does that sound like something that takes place in foreign lands? Well, the drones have come to Lucknow and you will soon find them delivering you food.

An initiative by Online Kaka, a Lucknow based online food portal is gearing up to deliver food by drones. Now when you order food online, you don’t have to wait long for the food to reach you. The drones will take a few minutes to deliver the food fresh & hot at your doorsteps.


Wonder how is it going to happen?

Online Kaka has prepared a proposal for home delivery of food via drones and working towards getting clearance from government. They will not be using common drones; rather heavy-duty commercial drones will be used.

However, the food delivery by drone would be made only at the house that has roof top or the garden area.

Online Kaka which specializes in delivering the delicacies from the traditional eateries in Old and New Lucknow to residents across Lucknow. They have been successfully delivering smiles across the city with their efficient food delivery services. We can’t wait more to get our food delivered by drone by them.

What makes us a proud Lucknowite is that Online Kaka’s move is first such initiative in India.

We just can’t wait for the service to start and get our food delivered in just 10 to 12 minutes. It’s surely going to a food revolution and what better place than Lucknow to start with.

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