Witness Royalty at Five Famous Museums in Jaipur

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The 18th-century city of Jaipur was known for its architectural beauty for being a historical trade center largely for its handicrafts and fine stones and jewelry. Today, this legacy continues to bear witness its diversity in many fields, But to many peoples surprise the information they gather of the particular place is very limited, this is where museums come into the picture.

Museums in Jaipur are the best place to watch the fine arts and articles of the kings who had ruled over these magnificent palaces. These museums exhibit a variety of collections ranging from dolls to the royal kings which would not be found anywhere else in the world.

Among these museums of Jaipur can be considered as major attractions of the city.
List of the Museums:-

1. Jawahar Kala Kendra

This museum is known for both its classical and folk art forms which come together and change the way we think of Jaipur’s cultural heritage, the museum was founded in 1983 in the sole purpose of preserving Rajasthani arts and crafts.

The museum houses an auditorium, art-studio, art gallery to a hotel and cafeteria. Plays like I will not cry to mythological tragedies are performed in the open air theatre. Not just theatre, many seminars workshops, and dance performance would be showcased at this center.

2. Albert Hall Museum

The architectural integrity of this museum would leave you amazed, It is the oldest museum in the state making a must for all the tourist out there. Boasting the Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture, the design is similar to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The museum hoist many archways, towers and courtside views which reflects the architectural significance of the museum. Inside the museum, we would find a vast collection of paintings, weapons, clay sculptures, tribal costumes and much more. It is most notable for its Persian Golden Carpet.

3. City Palace Museum

From the name itself, we know the significance of this museum, with rooms extravagantly decorated with mirrors, tiles and paintings, and housing a large and varied collection of artifacts. Once the seat of Jaipur’s king and today a museum of rich Mughal and Rajput architecture.

The Palace houses a large variety of historical paintings, including several of the Battle of Haldighati were-in the Rajputs fought with the Mughal emperor Akbar.

4. Dolls Museum

A small hidden gem, located midway between Birla Mandir and Albert hall museum. More than a kids Eden it shows the cultural aspects around the world with Rajasthan’s regional attire being attributed to each and every doll.

5. Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing

To preserve the craft of hand block printing this beautiful museum was set up in Jaipur. When you enter this museum you will find large boards in the open court-yard which explains the process of block printing. Like crafts worldwide, the block printing industry faces serious challenges trying to keep pace with modern manufacturing. Hoping for people visiting this place comes out a little keen and knowledgeable about the fading craft of block printing. 

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