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Stand-up comedy is a fascinating comic gimmick that makes the live audience laugh their lungs out, especially, if the stand-up comedian gig is a Haryanvi dude. Comedy when blended with Haryanvi style and a typical accent is more like embrace which makes you unique. Vijay Yadav, a rising star, is terrifically funny in his approach as a Haryanvi Boy who rolls out his funny punches with ‘desi slangs’. Passive aggressive Haryanvi jokes of Yadav make people go crazy and leave them wanting for more and more.

“The Yadav Boy” leaves no stone unturned when he throws unique punches based on Haryanvis and their culture. His unabashed, audacious expressions do complete justice to this scorpion demeanour of his, making him a heart- throb on stage as well as off stage. Hilarious comedy clips infused with crude Haryanvi words make Yadav popular among people of all age groups. His miscellaneous punches are not made up or imaginative but take inspiration from real life experiences. The jokes and punches are influenced with genuine Haryanvi cultural developments and the thought process of their People.

He does complete justice by restoring Haryanvi phenomena and taunts through his comedy style. Fans of Yadav love him and follow him for the best ever Haryanvi Comedy jokes that no one indeed could be better at. With a strong fan following, Vijay Yadav tops the list of the famous stand-up comedians with millions of views on his videos. He has made a good number of hilarious episodes on his hit-list that are available on almost every youngster’s smart phones. Not only on the internet, but also on other social media platforms, his comedy videos from live-standups are skyrocketing. He has truly become a sensation. His opening lines capture the attention of audiences right from the very beginning of the programme, which certainly, cannot be compared with other comedians.

Yadav expresses aggressiveness from Haryanvi blood and knows exactly how to add the hilarity factor to turn a normal one-on-one talk into something marvellously entertaining. His comedy never fails to leave a remarkable, everlasting impression on his audience. “Hum Paida Nahi Hote, Hum Prakat Hote Hai Scorpio Ke Saath” is one of the best lines from his creative numbers. “Sharmaji Ka Beta” is another hot one, making the entire 6-minute long video a treat to watch. Different shades of Indian and Regional comedy can be enjoyed in his comedy. His punch lines and comedy material is far away from fabrication.

However, the term ‘stereotype’ exists in comedy too as it does almost everywhere, favouring no comedian and bounding their play punches by rules. But despite all these stereotypes and barriers, he has not failed to re-define love, happiness, anger and happy-go lucky gestures of Haryanvis, in fact has done it better than anyone ever could. His comedy clips get heaps of love and are shared by a huge community of audiences who appreciate his Haryanvi accent in large scores. People curiously wait for his stand ups and are very fond of his ‘unique’ style of comedy. Accuracy in his local Haryanvi accent is undoubtedly his USP. Whether it is a ‘pick a fight’ act or the parents’ comparing their sons with the sons of their colleagues or neighbours, all these punches can make the audience visualize the real-scene right in front of their eyes. Audience could literally feel the taste of Haryanvi language and it’s hideousness while enjoying the live on-stage performance of this great Comedian Vijay Yadav.

Vijay Yadav is not just a comedian but also has influenced the public through his video in which he has taken a strong stand to not listen to the society or the people who are trying to bring you down by releasing his : Lyrical Poetry, ‘Zamaana’. The video was released in collaboration with Ravator Music on the 26th of May, 2019.

In a nutshell, Vijay Yadav knows his profession inside out. He excels his comic timing with a blend of the trends. He has proven that Hindi comedy can have a sky-high standard too. His stand-up comedy on Starbucks, Marriages, Couples, Fashion, Kids, etc has left the audience in awe of his extraordinary ‘hatke’ style. ‘Variety is the spice of life’ and this guy can provide all the spice to your dull, boring day.



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